MiND Engineering

The human mind is a complex organ, and learning more about it is not only fascinating but also invigorating. In our pursuit of unraveling a few mysteries of personality and its connection with an individual’s wellness, we have adapted MiND EngineeringTM, a behavior assessment tool that helps identify a person’s innate psychological personality and behavioral style using Dermatoglyphics – the scientific study and analysis of fingerprint patterns (want to learn more about the research and study behind Dermatoglyphics?).

MiND, the acronym stands for M as in Motivator, I as in Investigator, N as in Nurturer, and D as in Driver. These are profiles, based on which a different set of traits can be observed in a person.

Here’s a quick gist of what these profiles mean,  

  • Motivators – Individuals with this personality trait are seen as rule-breakers. They are cheerful, enthusiastic & love their freedom. They are good communicators and love human interaction. Love to be in limelight and work for recognition than money
  • Investigators – Investigators are data & process-oriented individuals, who are excellent analysts, and are perfectionists in their own way. They are extremely thorough, organized, and systematic. They also erefer privacy & are generally reserved. Good at micro-management.
  • Nurturers – Nurturers are relationship-oriented individuals, excellent team players, and are flexible in nature. They are willing to work long and hard to deliver results and believe in contribution more than reward and tend to move away from the limelight.
  • Drivers – Drivers are independent, goal-oriented individuals who are strong-willed and strong decision-makers. They are highly self-confident and can be perceived by the body language and posture

Human beings are a unique combination of all four profiles and in most cases predominantly lean towards one or two of them.

At Hexa Health Dimensions, we customize our sessions using personality screening through MiND EngineeringTM to have a better understanding of every individual’s personality type and tailor a course to their specific needs. This is critical since everyone has a unique personality, thus a course recommended for a ‘Motivator’ may differ from one recommended for a ‘Driver’. Knowing a person’s personality can also be beneficial as it allows  our experts to design a personalized solution that aligns with the personal values of each person leading towards a sustained healthy lifestyle. 

Besides, knowing one’s personality elevates self-awareness and can aid in improving communication, fostering stronger relationships, managing conflicts effectively as well as enhancing decision-making abilities.

To know what profile is predominant in you and how to use that to your advantage, you may sign up by clicking the button below.

Note: MiND EngineeringTM is a proprietary concept and SaaS owned by WAI.