MiND Engineering

MiND EngineeringTM is a behavior assessment tool built on the fundamentals of DISC theory of Psychologist William Moulton, which centers on four different personality profiles.

It is conducted by analyzing the patterns of your fingerprints, a phenomenon is commonly known as dermatoglyphics – the scientific study of fingerprints (want to learn more about the research and study behind Dermatoglyphics?).

The human mind is a complex organ, knowing it more is not only interesting but also invigorating. In our pursuit of unraveling a few mysteries of personality and its connection with the mind, we have come up with the term MiND EngineeringTM. Let’s take a look at what it means.

MiND, the acronym stands for M as in Motivator, I as in Investigator, N as in Nurturer, and D as in Driver. We call them profiles, based on which a different set of traits are being observed.