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Physical Health

We offer personalized therapeutic diet for healthy digestion and lifestyle disorders along with guided yoga to enhance the strength, flexibility, endurance and pain management

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Intellectual Health

Our programs are designed to enhance cognitive development and creativity. Experience the Sanskrit effect to boost memory and speech. Improve coordination between the left and right brain with Neurobics and super escalate your concentration and imagination with Midbrain Optimization

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Emotional Health

Be in control of your thoughts, feelings, behavior and relationships by elevating your self awareness. With the help of scientific techniques, we help you discover your inborn potential and provide expert counselling to enhance your personality, compatibility and growth in relationships

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Professional Health

Build a profession that is aligned with your inborn potential and personal values. Elevate your self awareness, knowledge and confidence with our online Yoga teacher’s training course

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Why choose Hexa Health Dimensions?

To us, every individual is extremely important – we strongly believe in the solutions we deliver and encourage our clients to achieve excellence in all their endeavors.

Overcome geographical boundaries to access the finest consultants in the industry through online consultation.

All our sessions are customized using personality screening to identify every individual’s motivating factor and areas of growth and help elevate their self-awareness along with health.

We have successfully touched over 6000 lives across various geographies with 50+ years of experience accumulatively in the health and wellness industry. We proudly say that our team is enriched with some of the finest consultants who have received various awards at the National level for their impeccable service in the industry.


National Award for excellence in child welfare
– Government of India

Best of India Biz Award for Best Health Services,
– AYUSH Natural and Health Organics

We take your well-being seriously

“I weighed 245 pounds (111 kgs) due to which I had diabetes, high blood pressure and pain in the knees. Also, i could not sit cross legged and had a limp while walking. With the help of Diet and Yoga asanas, I can now sit for 5-10 mins comfortably and have overcome obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Today I’m living a healthy life.”

Mr. Bharatbhai Patel, USA

“I was looking for a permanent solution as I went to a lot of doctors but could not find a permanent solution to my problems. With the help of the diet plan, I lost weight – gained my energy levels, overcame joint and knee pain, and became pain-free. My thyroid levels are reduced drastically and now I’m taking a very minimal dose. When I started with Yoga, I gained my confidence, my energy levels, and improvised my routine. I’m doing the same job, but with the change in diet and yoga under Mrs. Jasbir’s advice and guidance, I can observe huge changes in our entire family’s lifestyle.”

Mrs. Apeksha Patel, USA

“I went to too many places for my issues, and all the places, they only take care of one thing and never used entire holistic approach but at Jasbir Kaur Ji,  I received everything, mind/body and food balance. Her expertise is to figure out what needs to be fixed first so you can see the result. For me she fixed my mind and posture first so right away I could start to see the benefits. Now slowly we are working on yoga and posture so I can fix my 25 years old problems. My problems are old so it will take some time to fix them all but I saw a big change in my shoulder pain. I am confident that I will see drastic results very soon. Jasbir ji is so lovely to talk to. She has the patience to listen to your problem and guide correctly.”

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