Discover the story of Mrs. Apeksha Patel, who transformed herself along with balancing her family and a 16 hour work-shift.

How did you get to know about us?

Mrs. Apeksha Patel (AP): I came to know about Mrs. Jasbir, through a family friend.

What were your pain areas when you first started?

AP: I am working in a blood bank – it’s a standing job – my shift is for 16 hours due to which I had a lot of knee pain, joint pain and thyroid with no proper eating schedule.

What solutions were you looking for?

AP: I was looking for a permanent solution as I went to a lot of doctors but could not find a permanent solution to my problems.

How did the sessions help you?

AP: We started with Diet initially. Thanks to online sessions, we began with Yoga too.

With the help of the diet plan, i lost weight – gained my energy levels, overcame joint and knee pain and became pain free. My thyroid levels are reduced drastically and now I’m taking a very minimal dose.

When I started with Yoga, I gained my confidence, my energy levels, and improvised my routine. I’m doing the same job, but with the change in diet and yoga under Mrs. Jasbir’s advice and guidance, I can observe huge changes in lifestyle of myself, my husband and kids.

What kind of challenges did you face in the entire course? How did you overcome them?

AP: It was challenging to adapt to the new changes with my 16 hours job, but when I saw the improvements in my health, I decided to change my lifestyle and now it’s part of my daily routine.

Any one activity that you can now perform, but earlier seemed difficult?

AP: I could never sit cross legged earlier or if i sat on the floor, i could not get up without someone’s support.

With Yoga, Diet and the right guidance, I can now sit down on the floor cross legged for at least 15-20 mins. I’m free from my pain in the knees and legs. I can now walk for one hour without getting pain or fatigue. My energy levels have shot up.

What’s your next goal?

AP: I aim to become a Yoga trainer myself and help many other people around me.


What’s your success mantra?

Upgrade your life by changing your lifestyle!

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