Discover the story of Mr. Bobby Patel, who with his determination and expert guidance went through a total transformation at the age of 54!

How did you get to know about us?

Mr. Bobby Patel (BP): There’s a story behind how i got started..

My sister who happened to visit Mumbai came across Mrs. Jasbir Kaur and started following the diet plan. When she returned to the US, I saw a major transformation in her and that’s when I came to know about her.

What were your pain areas when you first started?

BP: Back then I weighed 245 pounds (111 kgs) due to which I had diabetes, high blood pressure and pain in the knees.

What solutions were you looking for?

BP: My goal was to overcome obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure and live a healthy life.


How did the sessions help you?

BP: We took one thing at a time. We started working on weight reduction. I had tried dieting earlier but never had the right guidance. The journey felt like a teacher and student – where I had to report my progress everyday. Now, my blood pressure has come in control, my weight has reduced to 172 pounds (78 kgs), My A1C is 5.5 and I am now free of diabetes.

What kind of challenges did you face in the entire course? How did you overcome them?

BP: Initially, it was challenging as I had to carry the diet food along at work, which was quite heavy to carry. Also, there has been a transformation in the daily routine – where i would earlier sit on tv for 2 hours, now i use that time to practice asanas and pranayamas. Determination is the key. I could see the results in the first week itself, I lost almost 4 pounds and that motivated me to continue putting more effort.

Any one activity that you can now perform, but earlier seemed difficult?

BP: At 200 pounds, Earlier i could not sit cross legged and had a limp while walking. I was guided with yoga asanas to take care of my walking. With the help of the asanas, now I can sit for 5-10 mins comfortably and have lost my belly weight.

What’s your next goal?

BP: My next goal is to go for 6 packs abs. I already have 2 ;)


What’s your success mantra?

BP: 2 pillars for success – trust and honesty. I put my trust in Mrs. Jasbir and followed it with complete honesty. Take out one word from your dictionary – impossible. Know your goal, follow 100%, put in the efforts and you will get the results.

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