Get inspired by the wellness journey of Mrs. Purvi Chauhan (PC), an advocate by profession, who besides losing 17 kgs overcame various health issues like urine infection, vaginal itching, and headache. Despite living in a joint family, she achieved her health goals while maintaining a balance in her personal and professional life.

What problems were you facing when you first started?

I was facing a lot of health issues. My weight had increased by 20 kgs post-marriage, because of PCOD and I used to suffer from a lot of vaginal itching for which I have taken a lot of treatments but no gynecologist or dermatologist could give me a permanent solution.

How did you get to know about us?

My mother-in-law introduced me to Mrs. Jasbir Kaur, as she had already consulted her before for Diet. Initially, I didn’t have much faith, but then I joined the Mind and Body Wellness Centre for Yoga, where I was put in a batch for weight loss under one of her teachers – Seema Mehta. Gradually, I came in touch with Mrs. Jasbir and we started working on minor remedies through changes in Diet which eventually worked wonders for me.

How did the sessions help you?

I started with Yoga and meditation sessions and they helped me in transforming myself from being a hyper person to a calmer one.
To begin with, I found solutions for my vaginal itching and severe urine infection problems with the remedies given by Mrs. Jasbir. The diet plan given by Mrs. Jasbir not only helped me in weight loss but also made me follow good food habits that helped resolve my gastric problems. The entire journey helped me in such a way that now I need not worry about small issues like frequent headaches, nerve issues, and irregular sleep. Now I feel energized and active during the entire day.

What kind of challenges did you face in the entire course? How did you overcome them?

I live in a joint family. Since I was following a specific diet it was challenging for me to prepare different recipes for myself and the other family members. Also figuring out time from my busy schedule for practicing Yoga and eating at regular intervals was a difficult task. However, the rewards given for reaching my targets kept me motivated to stay consistent.

What was your weight when you started and what is your target weight?

I started at 87, Now I’m 70kgs. I feel happy, healthy, and comfortable with the body I am in.

Which is your favorite meal?
The missal recipe that Mrs. Jasbir has given me is delicious and one of my favorites. Besides, other recipes like soups and salads are also very good.

Is there any activity that you could not do earlier, but now you can?

If you ask me, I was never a person who would sit at one place and do Yoga or meditation, but now I promote it and recommend people to practice Yoga, as it has helped me become calmer than before.

 If you were to explain your entire experience in a single line, what would you say?

A single line is too short to explain an experience of a lifetime. This has been a lifestyle change for me and I wish to continue doing this for the next few years. I do not want to go back to where I was – eating junk. Now I know how to prioritize my food, and I will put in the effort for myself by cooking and eating what is good for me.

What’s your next goal?

Maintaining my health and to keep working for its betterment. I want to continue Exercising, meditating, and following the right food habits.

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